5 Best Outdoor Activities in San Francisco

If you’re seeking to plan a vacation in a place that offers plenty of fun and adventure, then look no further than San Francisco. The city offers an awful lot of exciting outdoor activities in breathtaking locations that will make your stay a memorable one. Check out these five exciting outdoor activities in San Francisco.

  1. Cruising Through the San Francisco Bay

Image via Flickr by dalecruse

If you want to witness the beauty of this city, then the San Francisco Bay must be on your checklist. The laid-back, windy, and foggy atmosphere offers a beautiful and sight as you cruise along.

While on your bay cruise, you’ll enjoy an epic view of San Francisco’s most amazing landmarks, Alcatraz island and the Golden Gate Bridge. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy your trip on a large sailing cruise, a high-speed powerboat, or a slow ferry. No matter how you travel, getting on the water is definitely an outdoor activity you’ll enjoy.

  1. Taking a Trip to Mount Tamalpais

If you love mountains and you’d like to take in a panoramic view of San Francisco, then a trip to Mount Tamalpais State Park will leave you speechless. It offers amazing picnic spots where you can have an uninterrupted encounter with nature. Mt. Tam isn’t all hills and plants, though. It’s also home to roads and trails that are over 100 miles long. If you’re a fan of biking or hiking, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

  1. Hiking Your Way Around Fort Funston

If hiking is your favorite outdoor activity, then there’s no better place to enjoy yourself than Fort Funston. The site features gentle loop trails surrounding the fort, which is perfect for visitors seeking a gentler challenge. If you’d prefer to kick things up a notch, then hiking down the strenuous trails leading to the beach will provide all the challenge you need.

  1. Enjoy a Rope Swing on Billy Goat Hill

If you think rope swings are only for kids, then an adventure to Billy Goat Hill will change your mind. These amazing swings are located in above Noe Valley and offer beautiful views of the city. If you happen to swing out here at night, the view of the illuminated city is nothing short of stunning.

  1. Surfing on Ocean Beach

If surfing is your favorite means of invoking an adrenaline surge, then Ocean Beach will surpass your expectations and leave you with an unforgettable memory. With waves climbing as high as 20 feet in the winter, this beach offers more than enough challenge to make your adventure an exciting one. If you’re a beginner, this area might be too dangerous. If you’re a pro surfer looking to let out some steam, this is definitely your haven.

Regardless of what kind of adventure you’re looking for, one thing is certain. San Francisco won’t disappoint. Book a San Francisco hotel close to your desired destination, pack your bags, and head out for that unforgettable outdoor adventure.

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