Go on a honeymoon sailing trip around the Greek Islands

Secluded bays with golden beaches, green landscapes with wild flowers, a rich history and mythology, a contrast between white and blue, small white churches built on high cliffs and a great climate to spend your summer in. Yes, romantic Greece is one of the top honeymoon destinations. Cruise the turquoise waters of the Greek islands on your chartered yacht in Greece and dine in the most romantic restaurants while soaking in the charming atmosphere. Spend your day swimming in secluded bays or enjoying cocktails on the deck. Here are the most beautiful Greek Islands to visit during your honeymoon.


This incredible Greek Island is the perfect choice for newly-weds who are looking for a combination of nature and culture. Mountains covered by dense forests, little villages with Venetian influences, cities with a vibrant nightlife, beaches with turquoise water and delicious Greek specialties such as baklava, tzatziki and mezedes.


Worldly and authentic at the same time. The island has an impressive history you can still see in the many cultural treasures, beautiful churches and secluded villages, well-hidden in the green hills. On the other hand, the island has a vibrant charm with several shopping possibilities and the option to spend the night in luxurious honeymoon resorts near a crystal clear sea. And let’s not forget the local restaurant around the corner for a romantic dinner!


The Greek island Lesbos is a hidden gem. Here you can still experience in the little traditional villages how it must have felt to have lived in ancient Greece. Explore the Roman and Byzantan ruins, the mysterious petrified forest, the natural hot springs and the secluded bays with beautiful beaches and restaurants where you can enjoy the most delicious dishes with freshly caught fish and seafood.


Sunny Crete has all the ingredients for a perfect honeymoon: splendid beaches in little bays, ancient cities with archeological sites, a vibrant nightlife and green mountains with colourful flowers and scented lemon trees. Find yourself a local taverna and within minutes you will be able to enjoy the numerous plates of mezze filling your table. Add a glass of Retsina and your honeymoon has truly started!


The sunset, the pristine nature, the crystal clear Ionic Sea, olive groves, traditional white churches, lonely beaches, steep cliffs, … It doesn’t get much more romantic than Zakyntos. Stroll the most beautiful beaches while holding the hand of your lover. Enjoy the tranquility of idyllic villages or seek the buzz of Greek nightlife. Enjoy a few glasses of Ouzo and show your moves on the dance floor!


No Greek island has a more romantic setting than Santorini. Probably the most chosen destination for a honeymoon in Greece. White-washed housed with blue domes perched on a steep cliff overlooking the turquoise sea. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this. Enjoy the local seafood dishes with a glass of Greek wine while enjoying the sunset.

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