Great Ideas of What to Do in Bali

Bali becomes great destination. This is one of the islands in Indonesia. Bali itself already becomes so famous among many tourists. Many people will agree that Bali has great destinations to offer. Many attractive places are offered for all tourists. In this case, Bali is not only about beaches. It is true that there are famous beaches in Bali. However, there are also many other places to visit in Bali. This island shows the beauty of cultural heritages kept well by the society or people in Bali. Those also become some great destinations to offer for the tourists. Surely, this island provides a lot of great destinations and a week will never be enough to explore all of the beauty of Bali. Of course, people do not need to worry about what to do in bali since there will be many things to do in this awesome island.

One of the great things to do in Bali is to enjoy its beaches. Bali’s beaches have become so famous among many tourists and lover of water sports. In this case, they do not need to worry about what to do in bali’s beaches. Water sport such as surfing and diving can be done well. Sunbathing can also become alternative. In this case, there are some references of great beaches in Bali.

  • Kuta will be the first beach to explore. This becomes one of the most famous beaches in Bali. This beach is always full of tourists enjoying the beauty of this beach. This spot is great since it offers great scenery. Then, tourists are possible to surf. They can enjoy riding waves and the waves are great for surfing. If they only want to enjoy the beach, they can do sunbathing and it will be great quality time.
  • Then, there is also Legian beach. This beach is not as crowded as Kuta. This beach also offers good scenery of beach, but it is not the attractive point in this beach. In fact, one of the good things about Legian is its surfing school. There is school of surfing and it is by one of the best surfing gears. There are professional tutors who will be great teacher to train tourists on how to ride the waves well.
  • Jimbaran can be the other option to visit. Jimbaran offers more peaceful beach. Visitors or tourists can find delicious foods in its restaurants. Staying on the beach sand can be other things to do. Then, this beach provides some shopping destinations where tourists can buy several crafts or merchandises.

Talking about the great cultural heritage of Bali, there is Ubud to visit. Ubud is one of villages in Bali. This village is not like other village. This is dedicated for all tourists who are looking for peaceful vibes. This village can offer what other destinations cannot offer. Peaceful area, green paddy fields, fresh nature and other things are offered for all tourists. In this case, they can also see the ceremonial events held by the local people of Ubud. There are also spa and massage facilities. These all will provide satisfaction for both body and soul. Of course, this can be good reference of what to do in bali.


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