Hiring a Car Down Under – Four Helpful Tips for Holidaymakers

Holidaymakers from abroad travelling around Australia, that land of bustling cities and sun-drenched landscapes, usually hire cars and campervans instead of catching public transport. There are several good reasons for this.

First, Australia is a country of wide-open spaces and there are often significant differences between destinations. Second, with the exception of budget air transport, transport in Australia is quite expensive and it usually works out more affordable to drive, especially when travelling as a group. And third, hiring a car, or campervan as this is also a popular option available to holidaymakers, enables travellers to see so much more of this beautiful and diverse land. What follows are four helpful tips to help you make the right choices about the vehicles you hire.

Choose Your Vehicle Wisely

There are many vehicles to choose from, not to mention different types – car, van, campervan or motorhome. That means you need to think about your travelling needs if you’re to hire the best vehicle for your holiday Down Under. Booking a car rental at Sydney airport is easy, but as there are many car hire companies to choose from and some offer campervans in addition to sedans, hatchbacks and vans, you want to make sure that you’re hiring the ideal car for your travel needs. Think about:

  • The number of people travelling
  • The distances involved
  • Your accommodation (camping or hotels)

You’ll also need to consider your budget, pick up and drop off points and so much more, but your first priority should be hiring a car or campervan that’s comfortable and meets your basic needs.

Look for Relocation Specials

If you’re hiring a campervan, look around for relocation specials as this can reduce the rental rates charged on campervan hire. This isn’t an option available for cars (sedans, hatchbacks, etc.), so if you’re planning on camping and you have a flexible itinerary, this is an option to consider.

Get an International Driving License

You probably won’t be able to make an international driving license in Australia if you aren’t an Australian resident, so make sure you arrange an international driving license in advance. It should only take a few days to arrange this, but make sure you receive it in time.

Plan Your Trip Well

Wherever you’re travelling in Australia you’ll find that there are so many things to see and do, which makes it essential to plan your trip and the routes that you’ll take well. In addition to the usual backpacking resources, like Lonely Planet, you should also make use of the official tourism websites for Australia as these are an excellent source of information.

Hiring a car or campervan is easily the best way to get about Australia, the Great Southern Land, and an immensely popular holiday destination with holidaymakers the world over. To make the right choices about the vehicle you hire, explore your options to hire the right vehicle, look for relocation specials to reduce the costs, possess the correct driver’s license, and plan your trip well. Bon voyage!

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