How to beat the airlines!

Airfares are often the costliest category in a holiday budget. Take away the airfares and you would find most holidays affordable. Many families prefer short weekend trips to nearby destinations precisely because they don’t have to fly and thus can have a nice getaway without breaking the bank. But there are ways you can beat the airlines. The airlines across the world are in the business of making money but the industry has its fair share of loopholes which you must explore to the fullest to save money.

Here are some tips to help you save money on airfares.

  • Airfares are at their dearest during the peak season and at the lowest during the off-peak season. That much is known. But airfares vary according to the demand of seats in a particular flight. So, popular times of flying in or out would increase the fares. Then there are places which witness soaring fares in certain weeks or days. You have to use comparison tools available online for free to understand the trends and you can wait for the day and time when the airfares to your chosen destination will be the cheapest.
  • Consider alternate airports. Depending on where you are traveling to and from, you can choose different airports other than the most popular and populous ones. That will save you money.
  • Always travel in off-peak or shoulder season when you don’t want to pay exorbitant prices. Look for combo deals, return flights and packages which can save you money.
  • You may choose stopovers or connecting flights. Flying on indirect routes can save you a lot of money. You may also choose to take a flight to a nearby destination and then take the road.
  • Always opt for pre-booking for parking at airports if you have to leave your car at the lot. Booking on the day of traveling can be quite expensive.
  • Always consider hiring companies like Courier Point to send excess luggage in parcels. You can send a courier to Portugal or anywhere in Europe and save money which would be otherwise charged by the airlines for excess luggage.
  • Never sign up for meals onboard if you have to pay in addition to the basic fare. You can carry your own food, some snacks or home cooked meals if you want.
  • Use apps and other avenues for booking that will get you discounts in addition to the savings that airlines would offer on their own portal.

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