How to Choose a Holiday Sickness Solicitor

When you head abroad, it’s usually to have a good time and to enjoy yourself. Going to visit another culture, to expand your horizons and to just have some fun can be a pretty fun experience and one that you can very easily enjoy taking part in. However, time abroad can easily lead to problems such as holiday sickness. If you get sick abroad, then you might be able to take it up with an airline or a certain management firm. You should not have to go all that way abroad just to wine up lying in bed, so how can you make sure that your stress is compensated accordingly?

It’s quite simple actually: you need to understand how to go about claiming sickness compensation. Start off by doing yourself a favor and taking a look at the best ways to go about claiming holiday sickness compensation locally: you usually have some branches in your local area or nearby that can help you out. This is a bit of an industry these days, so your guide to claiming compensation usually just means contacting a local expert who can help you get the ball rolling on getting some compensation in return.

Now, the challenge is knowing if you fall under the jurisdiction of travel sickness. Under the Package Travel Regulations Act 1992, you have plenty of protection and provisions that exist to help keep you nice and safe when you go abroad. You also have what is known as The Athens Convention 1974, which further protects you.

The first regulation will give you up to three years to make a claim if you fall ill on an all-inclusive holiday and the provider is at fault. So long as you book with a regulated UK tour operation team, you can likely find that you have coverage. Don’t travel without it, in fact!

So long as you received transport and accommodation as part of your package, then it is likely that you were given some kind of extra protection through the help of this regulation. However, you need to be able to provide proof that food eaten at the locations that were booked during the all-inclusive trip was the reason. You can’t claim compensation because you had too much to drink and missed a day!

Should you suffer from illness or injury on a cruise, though, its’ the Athens Convention that will protect you. So long as you can provide proof that the cruise was at fault, you are likely to be with a shout for compensation.

Either way, your best bet to finding genuine assistance is to get in touch with a team of professionals who deal with holiday sickness compensation schemes.

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