Ideas for a Pocket Friendly Vacation to Indonesia

Indonesia, like most of the South East Asian countries, has an unparalleled charm that’s hard to find elsewhere. There are some great beaches, amazing wildlife locations, unmatched presence of local culture along with welcoming people that make for a perfect vacation. What also makes this destination worth the time is the fact that money shouldn’t be a concern for most travelers. Budget friendly and greatly balanced, Indonesia has something for one and all. Check these some of the best places that should be on your must visit list when you want voyage sur mesure en Indonesie or a pocket friendly vacation!

Head to Sumatra

If you love nature, Sumatra can well be the perfect for a long vacation. There is nothing fancy here, but you will love the beauty of the jungles, the mystic world of volcanos and lakes. The rainforest here is the main attraction, while most people also head to the northern side of the island to have a look at the Sumatran Orangutan. The Sumatran Tiger is also a resident of this island, although it’s unlikely that you will spot one. The largest volcanic island of the world, Lake Toba, is here, and you can plan a trail here.

Beaches of Bali

Most people consider Bali to be expensive, given the fact that it’s the most frequented and liked place in Indonesia, but that isn’t essentially true. There are great resorts and hotels in Bali that are easily affordable, and if you check with a few packages that popular travel agents have to offer. This part of the country is known for its beaches and laid back atmosphere, which is enjoyable by one and all. The Hindu temples, culture and the overall history is worth engaging here, and if you love water sports, scuba diving is a pleasure.

Shop at Jakarta

There is nothing like having a destination that lets you shop at smaller prices. Jakarta happens to be the largest city of the country and the capital, and the choices here will bowl you over. The street markets are happening and worth all the time, especially when you don’t want to check those shopping malls. The food in the city is considered to be the best in Indonesia, especially the local street variants, which happen to be satisfying for the taste buds and easy on the pocket, as well.

How to save money in Indonesia?

Thankfully, the choices for backpackers in the country are huge, and you will find easy options in most parts of the country. The idea is same as with any other destination of the world- Book early for the best benefits! The hotel and stay choices may be expensive on the offbeat islands, but for places like Jakarta and Bali, there are enough choices. Local traveling is cheap as compared to many parts of Europe, even if you choose to have a rental car for traveling. Some parts of certain islands are best accessed on foot, so it’s advisable to bring a good pair of hiking shoes.

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