Make Your Private Party Extra Special with these Add-ons

Hosting a private party can be fun and exciting, as you are going to brew an event reserved for selected guests. At the same time however, planning such parties can be tedious and more challenging than expected. Private gatherings are not held not merely to bring people together, but rather make them appreciate the time they are going to spend in these events. Yes, you have to make sure that they will be leaving with memories they’d want to keep as the years go by.

So how do you make a private party extra-special? Here are some add-ons to consider:

  1. Make it an open bar.

In regular parties, drinks are served at a limited time only (unless of course you opted to make it an open bar). However, when it comes to private parties, serving bottomless drinks is a must, mainly because you only have a handful number of people in your guest list. Your guests thus deserve an open bar, as this will keep them alive and enthusiastic throughout the fete.

Having an open bar is quite an investment, but you can make arrangements with the venue on the kind of drinks to be served so as to keep costs within your budget. There are party venues in Singapore that offer special packages for open bar events, so it’s better to give these a try.

  1. Get a surprise guest!

Having a surprise guest is definitely a big moment in every private party. You can hire a popular band, singer, or a stand-up comedian who may perform a set or two during the event. Rates for such performances vary depending on the popularity of the personality and the number of sets they will be doing during the event.

In this regard, you may have to book them early, or contact their respective agents ahead of time so that they will be able to make it to your event.

  1. Hold the party in a scenic venue.

Private parties are easy to organize especially when they are situated in an equally private area, the kind that’s not easily accessed by the crowd. In this regard, you may want to search for scenic venues, such as private villas, gardens, or function rooms that are reserved for very important gatherings.

There are scenic party venues in Singapore that offer a great view of the cityscape, and if you want to make it extra-special, you may go for those that are directly facing the sunset. This way, your guests get to enjoy the view just right before opening the night of partying.

  1. Serve great food.

Regardless if you’re hosting a formal dinner or just a night of booze, music, and dancing, it is a must that the appetites of your guests are met. This only means that you have to serve great-tasting food during the event.

If you have a specific menu in mind, then it would be worth hiring a caterer who knows how to create the dishes your guests will be having. However, this can be costly since you are opting for a custom menu, and the caterer would be getting specific ingredients in order to cook the dishes you requested.

On the other hand, there are venues that include catering services in their packages. These bring down food costs, and if you have already tested their dishes beforehand, then it would be worth getting their catering services. To further bring down the costs of catering, you may want to select pre-made menus offered by the in-house caterer as their ingredients and other cooking needs are already available in stock.

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