Manuka Point Lodge: Perfect Destination of Hunting In New Zealand

Have you ever thought of legal hunting? Manuka Point Lodge will surely fulfil all your dreams regarding the strategies of legal hunting. If you are interested in shooting some of the rare species, then coming to this destination can be your most authentic decision. The species that you can hunt here includes the red stag, chamois, Himalayan tahr, wapiti, fallow bucks and other renowned species. The hunters working here have many years of experience and they use the latest techniques to shoot the species.

The Location Of This Place:

One of the important factors to consider when you are thinking about the legal hunting is the location. These New Zealand Red stag hunting grounds are located at the best places of this country. These grounds are located amidst the pristine and eye-catching meadows and there are lots of species that are to be hunted. Eve there is accommodation facilities for the hunters so that their work and stay becomes easier. The team working here offers warm hospitality and provide classic stalking of the species. The weather of this place is very serene and the morning breeze drifts across the River Rakaia. Dense forests surround the place which offers a better place to stay for the animals. No, it is not a dream. The hunting experience in this place is really unforgettable.

The Hunters And Their Techniques:

The hunters working here are very popular ad having many years of experience. Don Patterson does the fair chase hunts. He follows the natural skills for hunting and secured several trophies during his life time. This area is known for the stags, bulls and the bucks. A safari ride around this place will give you the opportunity to have the best hunting facilities. The recent hunting techniques are followed that involves spotting and stalking of the species. The animals are hunted from a distance of 200yards. The animals like the Tahr and the Chamois are spotted from the helicopters and hunted from the grounds at a distance of 250 yards.


Are you ready to have a extraordinary hunt, then visit the New Zealand Red Stag hunting ground and get to know the best ways of hunting legally.

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