Registering Your New Campervan: Helpful Tips

Once you have made the exciting choice to purchase a new caravan, researched all of the models, and zeroed in on your perfect rig, you will want to take the final step and register your new caravan. This way you won’t run into any problems while out on the road or face fines and expensive tickets. The joy of road tripping can quickly be spoiled if you run into any of these hassles, so be sure to know the steps for proper registration before you present yourself at your caravan sales location to make the purchase.

Registering a campervan is actually a quite simple process as long as you know the details. Check out the below steps so that you know exactly how to go about registering your new caravan before setting out on the road.

Know The Details Of Your State

Each state in Australia has a different set of guidelines when it comes to registering a caravan. Before you head out to make your purchase, make sure to research the individual details for the state in which you will be buying the caravan. If you have all of this information ahead of time, it will make it much easier to complete the steps and to avoid any surprises and hassles.

In most cases you will be easily able to locate the specific details for your state online. The local transport office for most states has a detailed , step-by-step list for registration. You can also consult caravan message boards to find out details from fellow travellers. Another great option is to ask the caravan sales dealer you will be making the purchase from. Oftentimes the dealer will be very helpful and will walk you through the steps before you drive off the lot.

Since the details for registration only vary slightly state-to-state, you can use the below further steps as a guide while making sure to check the details for your state in case there are slight variations or extra steps.

Vehicle Identification Number

It is incredibly important to make sure that there is a valid vehicle identification number for the caravan you purchase. Not only will you need this number to register the vehicle but it will also afford you the opportunity to do some investigating of your own. By looking up the registration number you can check to make sure the vehicle isn’t stolen, hasn’t been written off, and that nobody owes any money on it. No caravan should ever purchases that does not have a valid vehicle identification number, so make sure to avoid this red flag if you come across it.

Application Paperwork

The first step when it comes to the paperwork is to complete a vehicle registration application. These can be found on the website for the transportation authority in your state and in most cases can be filled in online. If you need to move the caravan before these papers are registered, for example if you need to drive it to a location for repairs, then you can file and unregistered vehicle permit in order to avoid any problems. When you purchase the caravan, you will be given a safety certificate. This is the second piece of paper you will need so make sure to hang onto it and that one is issued with the purchase. The third thing you need is a valid driver’s license. Take these three documents with you to the local transport customer service centre, along with your caravan, and you will have the items you need for registration. Just make sure to check your individual state to make sure there are no extra documents needed exclusive to your area.

When you have your documents in order, tow your caravan to the nearest inspection station for a safety certificate. This will be important in case you get pulled over on your trip, since not having one for caravans over 750kgs can lead to fines. Once you have your certificate, you are free to hit the road with your caravan.

Size And Amenities Matter

Be aware of the size of your caravan, since regulations differ according to size in nearly all states. For example, in most states registration labels are not required for caravans under 4.5 tonnes. For anything over this amount, you will need to have a registration label.

If your caravan has amenities which require a gas hookup, you are going to need to get a gas appliance safety certificate as well. This can be achieved by taking your caravan to a registered gas installer for an inspection. The installer will grant you a safety certificate, which you should keep with you along with your safety inspection papers.

The fees for inspection and gas safety certificates vary from state to state and location to location, so make sure to research this ahead of time and budget accordingly.

Although caravan registration can be a hassle, it is important to follow the steps for your state closely in order to avoid hassles on the road. Make sure to have these steps in mind before visiting your caravan sales dealer and making your purchase.

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