Stunning activities to do while visiting Bali

Bali consistently ranks as the world’s best tourist destination in different polls. The island has developed a lot since it became a tourist spot in the 1980s. There are many things to do in Bali, so many that for first time visitors, it can get quite confusing and you want to be sure to choose the best from an array of salons, restaurants, villa and attractions. Read on for some great ideas to make the most of your holiday in Bali.

  • Get Your Nails Done In Balinese Style

Hands and legs are the most exposed parts and they have the right to get nourishment. At beaches, your hands and legs may get tanned and dirty. Give them a dose of natural treatment at AMO Spa, an ultimate beauty spa in Bali. Sit comfortably in the reclined chair, while the professionals carry out the best manicure and pedicure on the island. At AMO nail salon you have an option to choose from 1000 different nail colors, get the nails painted in a normal fashion or ask the experts to do some nail art. AMO provides high-quality nail experiences and by the time you leave the salon you will be fully relaxed and satisfied.

  • Grab A Bite At Canggu

After leaving the nail salon, visit AMO restaurant Canggu, a perfect place to dine with your friends or family. The speciality of the restaurant is that, homegrown veggies, herbs and spices are used as the main ingredients to prepare the food, making it unique in taste. Join the for breakfast, lunch or dinner and taste the delicious healthy food and salads. Head towards AMO social spa and grab a healthy juice, green tea or cocktail, whatever suits your taste buds.

  • Adventurous Off-Road Ride s

Hit the road on a 4-wheeled quad bike. Fun lovers can drive alone or let someone else drive while they sit in the backseat and enjoy the view of rainforest, volcanic mountains, rice fields, and more. Start early to catch the first ray of sunlight from the mountaintop or keep your evening free to catch the beautiful sunset at the beach. ATV Bali has the professionals to take care of you and they will guide you throughout the trip. Safety equipment are provided to each and every traveller along with safety tips before the trip starts. Bali Island ATV will arrange for your pick-up and drop, the only thing you need to worry is get at the pick-up point on time, and let Bali Island ATV team handle the rest.

  • Book a Stay in a Villa

Hu’u Villas is one of the best if you are looking for a private and comfortable stay. Each villa has a private pool for you to relax after a long day in Bali. The villas are in a prime location, everything from restaurants, shopping malls to beaches are within walking distance. Brighten your pool with different shapes and sizes of pool floaties. If you book Bali Villas Seminyak from Hu’u Villas you get free access to Canggu Club where you can enjoy strike blowing, bounce, take your kids to splash waterpark and work out at the gym and fitness centre.  

  • Stay by the Beach

Nusa Dua in southern Bali is known for its powdery white sand beach. The area has an amazing collection of the world-class international chain of hotels and resorts. This upmarket area is famous for its 18-hole golf course and top end resorts. Bali villas are at a walking distance from the beach, and in Nusa Dua, many villas are found in resorts, giving you the benefits of the extra space of being in a villa, as well the excellent service and additional amenities that you’d expect from a 5-star resort.

  • A Day Trip to Mount Batur

Bali Tours and More offer a range of tours, activities and ticket booking for your time in Bali. One of the most popular activities with visitors in Bali is to trek Mount Batur. Book a sunrise tour – this does mean that you’ll have a very early alarm call, but the sunrise views will stay with you for a lifetime.  After your volcano trek, you may like to extend your tour and head down the valley towards a coffee plantation to drink the freshly brewed Balinese coffee. Talk to farmers, know their daily life routine, watch them harvest the crops, buy handmade items from small shops to take back home as a gift for your family and friends. You can plan a trip with Bali Tours and More to have a jaw-dropping experience at Mount Batur.

Some other places you may like to explore in Bali:

Learn about Bali’s burgeoning craft chocolate making scene and taste the goods for yourself!

Enjoy a ride through the Balinese countryside on a Bali bike tour.

Get off road and adventurous with a Bali dirt bike tour.

Book a driver and explore Bali at your own pace.

  • Enjoy Peace and Tranquility on  Gili Air

Gili Air is the closest island of the three Gili Islands to Lombok. With the population of around 1800 people, the island is yet to be developed to its fullest. Tourists come to Gili Air by Gili Gili fast boat to chill-out and relax. The local population and their traditions are quite vibrant here, and there are a lot of things for tourists to enjoy like diving, snorkel or a party on the beach with other fellow travellers. The atmosphere of Gili Air is quiet and calm as compared to the more developed Gili Trawangan. The Patagonia Xpress leaves from Bali to Lombok via the Gili Islands every day, with departures from Benoa and Padnag Bai. Powered by two powerful inboard engines and fitted with the latest safety and navigation equipment, it’s your best option for a fast, safe and comfortable passage to the Gili Islands.

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