Three Attractions Voted by the Tourists as the Must-See in Chennai

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is an extremely popular tourist place and is extremely appreciated for its picturesque beaches, monuments, food, culture, tradition and scenic beauty and a lot more. One of the biggest commercial hubs, situated on the coast of Bay of Bengal was the administrative zone of the British numerous years and has myriad architectural monuments of the days.

Yes, with its sandy beaches, huge shopping centers, historical landmarks and theme parks, heritage and cultural sites, Chennai is the 3 most explored city by tourists worldwide next to Delhi and Mumbai. All reputed airlines offer direct, non-stop, and cheap flights; you just have to compare the airfare prices online to find cheap air tickets to Chennai and save big. 


Without any further ado, here are the attractions voted as the best by the tourists:


Mahabalipuram is situated only 40-kms from Chennai on the ECR (East Coast Road) and the place is jam packed with rock sculptures and historic monuments. The monuments were built during the seventh century during the Pallava period, and a few of them have been astonishingly preserved.

Additionally, there are resorts, beaches and other tourist spots here. Considering its historical significance, the monuments have been recognized as UNESCO world heritage site.

Marina Beach

Marina beach is the second longest beach in the world and is one of the best spots in Chennai. Travelers from all across the world visit Chennai, especially to explore Marina Beach and spend a leisurely –romantic holiday. The beach shimmering sand, beautiful clouds, loud noise of the sea waves, fresh fish and delicious Milaga Bajji available on the beach shores are an experience.

Yes the beach is incredibly popular among the tourists visiting Chennai, with 50,000 visitors on weekends and 30,000 on weekdays. The beach is 13 kilometers long and features M.G.R memorial, kannagi statue, Annadurai memorial, Triumph of Labour statue and several more important statues. Though swimming is banned in the Marina beach owing to the strong undercurrent, the cold and fresh breeze in the evening will automatically bring energy in you.

Watching the sunrise from the beach is an absolute delight. Weekends are overcrowded; therefore plan to visit the beach on a weekday.

Feeling tempted to explore the beach? Go online and book cheap tickets to Chennai, all major air carriers offering highly discounted tickets to the city.

Crocodile Park

Crocodile Park, situated at around 30km from Chennai on the Eastern Coast Road is one of the most adored tourist destinations thronged by international and domestic travelers alike, and has been voted as one of the best places in Chennai by the visitors.

The park is a home to around 25, 00 species of lizards, fresh water turtles, snakes and crocodiles. The crocodile bank boasts of an impressive array of crocodiles from America, Australia and Africa. 14 out of 23 species of Crocodiles breeding around the world are available here.

The crocodiles in the park are listed by IUCN as some of the most endangered ones. You may even have the chance to watch snakes and crocodiles being fed, which can be both a scary and thrilling experience.

Chennai city can be marvelous with its magnificence, rightly known as the “Gateway to South India.” With its cultural and art centers, amusing parks and historic landmarks, Chennai offers highly interesting locations to tourists.

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