Tips to Capture Your Favorite Golf Course at Its Dramatic Best

From undulating terrains bordered with limestone cliffs to rolling greens amidst southwest deserts, golf clubs of Texas offer a lot of creative opportunities to shutterbugs. Be it those emerald green fairways against the backdrop of an awe-inspiring vista of barren lands or those ocean-front locales along the coastline of gulf of Mexico, golf courses in the desert state inspire everybody to reach out for their camera. Indeed, the spectacular scenery is sure to make an artist out of anyone who gapes at the jaw-dropping beauty of these courses. However, golf photography can be tough – courses are vast and you might just end up being hated by golfers for impairing their concentration while trying to get a great snap. A little effort on your part can however make your photos truly sharp.Here are five tips to help you out:

Choose the Best Lighting

Lighting is a very-important ingredient of photography. While capturing the beauty of golf courses, try to make the most of the ‘magic light’ that you can find during the first and the last hour of the day. The soft, golden hue of a low-lying sun adds a romantic dimension to your photos. However, these are also the times when the sunlight tends to create long shadows. Make sure your own shadow remains out of your shots.

Use the Elevation to Your Advantage

The undulating terrain of a golf course is at its spectacular best when you look through the lense from a height, and capture the vista in its entirety. Ditch the ground level and find something on which you can stand.  Climb the cliff, prop yourself on a lower branch of a tree, borrow a golf cart for a while and stand on its back – your options are only limited by your imagination.

Choose Your Angle Carefully While Capturing Holes

Your ability to showcase the true character of golf holes is the best judge of your photographic acumen. You will have to identify the perfect camera angle to do that, and believe me, it is not a very easy task. But you can do it. Place your camera at an angle, so that your photo reflects the true orientation of the hole and the strategy behind its design.

Plan Your Shot before Clicking

You can take different types of golf photos – golfers in action, portraits of golfers against the scenic backdrop or the golf course itself. Before pressing the shutter, make sure to choose your target carefully, and plan and compose your shot accordingly. Before finally pressing the shutter, ask yourself these three questions:

What is the subject of my photograph?

How maximize focus on the subject?

How to minimize the distracting elements from the frame?

Focus on what you are seeking to highlight. Is it the expanse or a specific element such as a droplet of dew on the grass or a butterfly showing off its vibrant wings? Use the appropriate aperture to capture the prime subject.

Keep People Out Of the Frames

It is not easy to capture the magnificence of a course when it is in use. A lot of distrations will be there – the players, caddies, audience, club officials and more. Be careful to leave them out if they are not a part of your composition. Capture a golfer player in action if you want to, but avoid doing so if portraying the splendour of the course is your primary objective.

Golf photography becomes easier when you apply the right tricks. We are sure that our tips will come handy when you head to the desert state to capture the alluring golf clubs of Texas. Find the magic light, choose the right camera angle and you are game for a day of light, camera and action!

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