Towny Affordable Vacation Rental Apartments in Aukland

Reducing your vacation expenses with Towny’s full amenity apartments in Aukland

Every year almost half a million holidaymakers fly into the city of Aukland in New Zealand to explore one of the most fascinating cities in the country. Right at the heart of this is Towny, a vacation apartment rental business. Towny is one of the most professional short-term rental companies in the region offering apartments that right in the heart of the city, and their apartments can help you considerably reduce your holiday expenses.

You will be spoiled with apartment amenities

One thing that really sticks out about Towny is that its apartments are all well maintained and offer an array of amenities that will help to reduce the common expenses that come with staying in a hotel.

These apartments are perfect for both long-term rentals as well as short-term rentals thanks to Towny going out of its way to make sure visitors have everything they need to make their stay as easy as possible.

Reduce your vacation restaurant and eating expenses!

All Towny apartments come complete with crockery sets, pots, pans, microwave and stove. This is perfect so you can save on eating out every night as you would have to if you were staying in a hotel. Although you will most certainly want to try some of the many restaurants nearby the Towny apartments, eating out morning, afternoon, and evening can become quite costly.

As the Towny apartments are so centrally located in bustling areas of the city, there are plenty of supermarkets in the area.

No need to do the washing up – use the dishwasher!

After you have cooked your meal in a Towny apartment, there is no need to do the washing up afterwards. Towny’s apartments have already recognised that no one wants to do the washing up while on vacation so dishwashers have been provided.

You will be able to simply cook, eat, and place the dishes in the dishwasher. Just sit back and relax and get one of the kids to put the cooking equipment back in the cupboards provided – after all you paid for the holiday so it is the least they can do!

Save on hotel laundry service bills & no need to bring your entire wardrobe!

There are also washers and washer-driers so you can do away with expensive hotel laundry bills or coin laundry expenses while on vacation. This is also a very convenient amenity because you do not have to pack a heavy suitcase with as many clothes as possible because you want to save on hotel laundry bills.

Hangers are provided if the apartment you book does not have a drier; however, most of Towny apartments come with both a washer and dryer for your convenience.

Large screen TV in every apartment!

All apartments also come with big screen TVs so you can kick back, relax, and catch up with cultural New Zealand TV shows. You can practise the New Zealand accent, watch the local and global news and in the evening watch a movie.

Swimming Pool & Gym to stay in shape!

Some of the Towny apartments come with amenities that are available for use by anyone that stays in the apartment block. You will be able to use the pool and the gym/fitness facilities just as you would if the same amenities were provided in a hotel.

Do you want to book?

If you are planning a trip to Aukland, and you are a family of 6 or less, then check out This is a highly reputable and very affordable company to book with and you can expect to be fully looked after.

FAQs: We answer some of the questions you may have about Towny vacation rentals

What time will Towny allow me to check in?

Towny check-ins are at 2 pm. However, if no one is checking out on the say you arrive, Towny will allow you to check in when you arrive. If there is someone checking out, they will check out at 10 am, and Towny housekeeping will need some time to prepare the apartment for you. If you do arrive early and an early check-in is not available, or if your flight is late in the evening on the day you check out, then speak to Towny about their luggage storage options.

Will I have daily housekeeping?

As the apartments are for vacation rentals, these are not serviced apartments. Therefore, you will not receive the daily cleaning that would get if you stayed in a hotel. If you would like a mini clean, which is towel and linen replacement, plus alight clean up of the apartment, then you can request this for just NZ$35.

Will I be able to park my car at the apartment?

If you have an apartment that has a car park, then this is not a problem. Just make sure you check the amenities of the apartment you want to book to make sure car parking is offered. However, if you do happen to book an apartment without a car parking space available, Towny will be able to arrange one for you for around NZ$20 per day.

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