Working in Ibiza

Are you fed up with working in the UK? Do you hate waking up to a grey, dreary sky, and the prospect of a hellish commute?  Have you finished full-time education and aren’t sure what to do with yourself?

We have the answer.

Why not try working a season abroad? Ibiza is one the most popular destinations for those seeking a change of pace, and a change of scenery.

Ibiza is the go-to party island. But what if you could go there to party and earn money at the same time?

Working in Ibiza is the perfect lifestyle for those of you who enjoy good nights out, free drinks, great music, and some of the best, most crazy parties in the Northern hemisphere.

Once you’ve taken the plunge and arrive in Ibiza, why not get to know your new co-workers at a welcome meal? Not only is the party lifestyle incomparable, Ibiza’s culinary offerings are pure perfection too. Sample some of the local tapas whilst you mingle with new friends, and enjoy the last moments of the day’s gorgeous sunshine on the Sunset Strip.

Of course, you will actually have to do some work whilst you’re out there, but it probably won’t feel much like work when you actually get down to it. You’ll be offered sales training from professional salespeople and, very soon, you’ll be prepared for whatever island life has to throw at you.

One of the most prevalent jobs in Ibiza is ticket selling, which is perfect if you’re outgoing, bubbly, and love talking to people. It’s common for ticket sellers to work in pairs, so why not grab a like-minded friend and enjoy the sales banter together!

You’ll need to have your sales talk perfected, and have a friendly, persuasive personality. This job isn’t for those that get disheartened easily – people will turn you down, that’s part of any sales job, but you need to be able to pull yourself back up easily, and be ready to sell again.

You’ll get €10-15 for every ticket you sell, which can add up to well over €500 a week, giving you more than enough cash to enjoy everything Ibiza has to offer. Top ticket sellers even get the chance to receive big bonuses and days out as a way to reward them. So, you should be just a little bit competitive too!

Plus, if you’re not so much of a night owl (unless it includes drinking shots and partying), ticket sellers have some of the more favourable hours of all workers in Ibiza, with an average shift starting at 11:30am and ending at 6:30pm. If you work hard enough, and get the results, you’ll have the chance to skip the queue at nightclubs and enter VIP areas free of charge.

Are you persuaded yet? If you’re thinking of a change of lifestyle, or you’ve just left school and you want to do something truly special, Ibiza is where it’s at. You won’t be disappointed.

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